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Studio Pointe Shoe | Hard

Studio Pointe Shoe | Hard

SKU: 1122

Product Description:

  • This pointe shoe is built to be quieter and to last longer
  • Introducing new strength shank: no7.5
  • Offers the hardest toe box that Capezio makes
  • Features an elasticised binding that enhances fit and prevents gapping.
  • Wrapped insole.
  • Higher, reinforced wings.
  • Quiet toe.
  • Bias side seams.
  • Deep vamp.
  • Cotton lining.


From us at The Pointe

  • The Pointe at Footlights highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our professional fitters today, for the dancer’s perfect and safest fit.

  • Each pair of pointe shoes purchased receive one free elastic; ribbon and all other shoe accessories are sold separately.