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When considering the options for calculating the mandatory levy under section 123(2) of the Act, DCMS officials should devise a formula requiring companies offering potentially more harmful gambling products to pay a correspondingly higher proportion of the levy. (Paragraph 560) GambleAware

GambleAware must correct the current anomalous system of funding treatment so that charities providing treatment are free to raise money from other sources without imperilling their current funding. (Paragraph 574) Research

We do not believe that the grant giving charity proposed and set up by Lord Chadlington’s Committee, largely funded by the industry on a voluntary basis, will be seen to be sufficiently independent for its research to be any more trusted than research commissioned by GambleAware. (Paragraph 589) 58. We recommend that the Government should work closely with UKRI and ESRC who can advise on a structure for the commissioning of gambling- related research, funded by the mandatory levy, which would be independent of industry involvement and would be understood to be so by researchers and others. (Paragraph 594).

Gambling companies should make freely available to researchers, and to those commissioning research, data sets with the information they have about those gambling with them online, and their communications with them (anonymised if necessary). Similar information in relation to those gambling offline should also be provided if it is available. (Paragraph 598) Education . The Government should commission an assessment of the long-term impact of teaching secondary school children about the risks related to gambling. When visiting schools, Ofsted should consider whether they have an adequate policy on the teaching of gambling-related harm. (Paragraph 606)


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