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Elektra Shank

Elektra Shank


By So Danca

Elektra Tech allows dancers to customize their shank strength based on the strength and flexibility of their foot. Through innovative engineering, Só Dança has made thermoplastic work in favor of the dancer’s needs. Striations on the shank housing allow the dancer the flexibility they need yet will lock into place when en pointe. With the shanks also being made up of different densities of thermoplastic, we are able to fully customize the dancer’s shoes to their feet and needs. As the material can be heated and cooled multiple times without affecting its integrity, dancers can use this for an added customizable benefit showcasing the natural curve of their feet.


From us at The Pointe

  • The Pointe at Footlights highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our professional fitters today, for the dancer’s perfect and safest fit.

  • Each pair of pointe shoes purchased receive one free elastic; ribbon and all other shoe accessories are sold separately.

  • (IF APPLICABLE) Many teachers use demi-pointe, also called pre-pointe, soft-block or shankless, shoes, for pre-pointe training. Demi-pointes have a shaped box like a pointe shoe, but no stiff shank in the sole. Wearing demi-pointes gives dancers a more gradual transition from ballet slippers to pointe shoes. Therefore, they are never intended to stand en pointe in. 

  • Return/Exchange Policy

    Items are available for return or exchange as long as they are in new condition, in original packaging, have no damage, have original tags, with receipt, and within 7 days of purchase. Tights/undergarments/tutus/clearance items are final sale. 


    *Do not wear, mark on, sew anything to, soften, bend, or do anything else until you have gotten your teacher’s approval. Footlights will not return or exchange pointe shoes that are not in new condition, free of any wear or altering of any kind. 

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